Tips to have a successful centre tour

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Tips to have a successful centre tour

For many parents, finding the right childcare centre stirs up a range of emotions. Childcare can be a special place that nurtures and enhances the development of children. It can be an environment for learning, development and growth through play and socialisation with others. It’s a Home away from home and it’s very important to find the right childcare centre.

Here are some tips for what to consider during your tour at our Kidscape Early Learning centre whether it’s in preparing for preschool education or Kindergarten.

The curriculum is nicely varied

If you’re planning to keep your child there for the long haul, it’s good to know now whether the centre emphasizes early academics, focus on quality body and mind fitness programmes and promote music, art activities…

At our Kidscape Early Learning centres, while keeping our kids busy with reading and other educational toys time, we also balance a day out by introducing Yoga for kids and we are proudly co-operate with Bonker Beat programs to ensure incorporation of music and yoga for preschool children on daily basis.

Licencing and Registration

The National Quality Framework stipulates that childcare services must be registered. While we ensure Kidscape Early Learning Centre is up to our national standards, each centre has garnered different awards and certifications on top of this! Talk to your centre director to find out more about their individual achievements and accreditations.


Facilities with a design to incorporate learning, exploration and play is another point to look at. The important thing is to consider how the facilities support the education and care for your little ones and whether they create a fun and safe environment.

Things to think about:

  • What are the physical facilities like?
  • Are the play spaces big enough?
  • Are there enough toys and play areas for the number of children?
  • Is the environment safe for children to play and explore?

Start your journey with us and book your tour to Kidscape Early Learning centre now!





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