Do you have a little vegetable hater at home?

Do you have a little vegetable hater at home?

Most children do not like vegetables. There are varieties of reasons behind it, but with appropriate care and attention, you can help your child.

Studies show that human are born with the sweet taste and all of us get used to eating all the other tastes later on. So, genes are the first impact. Other reasons such as:

Lack of fun element

Vegetables are not linked with enjoyment or fun. They are always presented to a kid as a healthy element necessary for development. When kids are young, they do not value health, they get attracted towards taste and satisfaction.

Parents’ Nagging

Nagging makes kids repel. When children do not start eating vegetables in the name of health, parents try prompting, nagging and pushing which makes children repel.


Last but not the least way that makes kids hate vegetables is that parents start over-praising their children just to make them finish the vegetables on their plates. preschool_eat_vegetable

After knowing the reasons, it is time to learn about some ways to help your child to eat vegetables.

Leave No Option

Prepare a meal that is completed with the vegetables and let your child know that they have to eat what is served. Seeing no option, kids will eat what they are served when they are hungry.

Pay Attention to Environment

When every member of the family eats what is served, kids do not fuss. Also, if the family enjoy vegetables and eat with enthusiasm, kids will follow.

Involve your Child during Preparation Time

When children find themselves part of meal preparation, they enjoy everything. Try to plant some vegetables in pots and your kids will start loving them.

Make Eating Rules

Making rules related to eating food helps children pay attention to eating vegetables. Make sure this does not come with nagging or by applying force and start with small portions.
Children take time to do lots of things really well. Now that you know how to help your child start liking vegetables, you should have some patience.

At our Kidscape Early Learning centres, we strongly promote a healthy eating diet with plenty of protein, fibers, and carb. We also encourage children at our Albury preschool centre & Caboolture kindergarten to learn about greens and have fun exploring the garden as part of the daily curriculum. Giving children a great environment and introduce healthy lifestyle at an early age both at home and school are very important.



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