Cooking with Kids: 5 Ways to Get Children Involved in the Kitchen

Cooking is a fantastic family activity, and there are many ways to get kids involved, no matter how old they are! There is so much more they can do besides, “Shake and Bake! And I helped!”
In the kitchen, children can learn math skills, practice fine-motor coordination, make choices about nutrition, and of course, learn basic cooking techniques. Making foods from different countries is also a superb way to start conversations about other parts of the world.

Teach good health and hygiene by making sure your children pull back long hair and wash their hands properly before participating in any kitchen activities.

Here are 5 tips to make this family fun time easier:

1-Safety is No 1 Priority when cooking with kids

Make sure your children are always aware of kitchen safety. Establish rules and stick to them.

2- Be patient

Cook with your children when you have time to be patient with them, not when you’re in a rush to get to a dinner party (you’re bringing the first course! AHH! Hurry!). You want your kids to associate family cooking with positive feelings, not with anxiety and impatience.

3- Neat freaks: Relax!

Kitchens are messy places, and kids are messy people. Don’t worry about a few spills, and let the kids help clean up even if they don’t do it perfectly. You can fix it later (when they’re not looking).

4- Ownership

Give your child ownership. Maybe this means your child has his or her own recipe box to fill with favorite recipes, or special colorful measuring cups and spoons. Your children might have their own aprons and kitchen towels, too. Also, consider including your children when making your menu for the week.

5- Celebration

Make sure to let your children know when they’ve done a job well! Thank them for helping you in the kitchen, and celebrate their accomplishments together.

At Albury and Caboolture Early Learning centre, we have a weekly Masterclass with our chef teachers and kids love it. Check out our curriculum at Albury and Caboolture centres. We are also building our favorite recipes book to gather families’ tried and tested much-loved recipes, so please feel free to pass them on to the team.



Author: kidscape

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