Christmas gift ideas that aren’t toys

What if this year, we gave children Christmas gifts that are not toys? Whether in a more responsible approach towards the wallet, the environment or by wanting non-material gifts, discover our ideas for Christmas gifts other than toys.

Christmas is just around the corner and you start to think about the organization, the decoration and the gifts! A quick walk into the little kids’ room is enough to realize that it is already invaded by a mess of toys! Often expensive, plastic, noisy, they are quickly abandoned, replaced by the next one … Faced with this overconsumption, you need to (re) make sense, you have more ecological and responsible desires for the planet. You want more personal gifts for the children to slip under the tree.

This year, they will receive something to make memories, something to develop their imagination and creativity. And enough to maintain the pretty little stars they have deep in their eyes!

Discover Christmas gift ideas for children which are not toys, different gift ideas!

  • A souvenir photo album of the year: children love photos, look at them again and again … Accompanied by little words or comments, they will be precious gifts for life.
  • A course or a discovery course: to dance, sing, play music, pony, climb, swim, cook, soccer, skate … in short, to have fun!
  • A voucher for a trip to the cinema to watch a great family movie with crispy popcorn!
  • Magazine subscription: Kids love to receive mail and discover the latest issue of their favourite magazine.
  • A personalized book in which the child is the hero that he/she will leaf through with shining eyes!
  • Materials to craft and create: canvases, pretty boxes of coloured pencils, notebooks, paint, clay, balls of yarn, knitting needles, a hook, buttons, sequins and glitter of all colours, origami paper …
  • A voucher for a family show, a play or a concert!
  • Go bowling, tree climbing, mini-golf or the ice rink with or without friends.
  • An artistic workshop to create a personal object and discover crafts (pottery, embroidery, painting on fabrics, jewellery…)

  • Gardening equipment and seeds to plant in a planter or in the garden when spring comes.
  • A day in an amusement park and fill up on rides and thrills for the more adventurous!
  • A subscription to a special children’s literature box or to audiobooks for those who prefer to listen to stories.
  • A restaurant gift card: to be used whenever he/she wants in the restaurant of his/her choice.
  • A scientific workshop, for coding, discovering robotics, doing chemistry experiments … for little discoverers who are fans of science!
  • A set of sheets with his/her hero or his/her favourite patterns.
  • A creative box for tinkering while learning!
  • A weekend or a family vacation to disconnect, refocus on the important things and fill up on hugs.
  • An apron and a cooking class for little apprentice chefs!
  • A tent and a sleeping bag to camp in the garden like the explorers!
  • His/Her day: a day just for him/her, which will be entirely dedicated to him/her with a sheet on which he/she will list his/her favourite activities.

Author: kidscape

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