Our Philosophy

At Kidscape Early Learning Centre, we hold a deep appreciation for each child as a unique individual. Our belief is rooted in the idea that children acquire knowledge through play. Families can trust that their child will be in the company of compassionate and attentive educators, experiencing a dynamic, enjoyable, and secure environment that offers complete peace of mind



We believe:


  • We’re all about embracing these ideas:
    • Kids are awesome learners, figuring things out in their own way.
    • Each little one should feel like a star in their family and community.
    • Building a cozy and safe space boosts kids’ confidence and self-esteem.

    So, we:

    • Follow a child-centred program based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) ‘Belonging, Being, and Becoming.’
    • Let kids have a say in our program – their thoughts and ideas matter.
    • Cook up experiences that make kids feel good about themselves and their abilities.
    • Make sure everyone feels included, helping kids shape their identity, self-esteem, and how they think.
    • Offer children the opportunity to participate in music and wellbeing programs. These programs include ‘Bonkers Beat music and wellbeing programs’.
    • Encourage children to learn through different curriculum experiences including technology, arts, literacy and numeracy.


We’re big on:

    • Trust, respect, and working together with families.
    • Creating a warm community with families, kids, and our awesome staff.
    • Families being a big part of making our program top-notch.

So, we:

    • Keep the communication flowing through chats, newsletters, displays, and surveys.
    • Understand and help out when families need support.
    • Love it when families join in and be a part of what we’re doing.


We think:

    • Kids learn best when they’re playing and chatting with others.
    • Giving kids lots of chances to learn different stuff is key.
    • A fun and interesting place sparks kids’ imagination and creativity.
    • Celebrating all the unique things about our centre, families, and community is a must.

That’s why we:

    • Mix things up with a flexible program that suits how kids learn.
    • Keep an eye on what the kids are doing and show it off in our program.
    • Use both inside and outside spaces for kids to explore, imagine, and solve problems.
    • Keep our play areas looking cool and throw in some interesting displays.
    • Show kids all kinds of cool social and cultural things.



We’re all about:

    • Having educators who love working with kids and families.
    • Valuing what each educator brings, like being caring, respectful, and loving learning.
    • Making sure everyone feels good about sharing ideas and talking things out.

So, we:

    • Let educators make decisions and hear what they think.
    • Make sure everyone’s got a comfy and safe place to work.
    • Keep educators learning and growing in their jobs.


We’re into:

    • Being the best at what we do in early childhood education.
    • Sharing our know-how and experiences with others.
    • Staying tight with community groups, local schools, and the government.
    • Keeping an eye on what everyone needs and changing things up as we go.

So, we:

    • Stick to the rules and what the authorities say.
    • Love it when students, neighbors, and parents join in.
    • Use local services smartly.
    • Jump into community events with both feet.


We believe in:

    • Making a space where kids want to learn.
    • Taking care of our environment for the future.

That’s why we:

    • Let kids help set up their learning space.
    • Do our best to recycle and use things again.
    • Grow things like fruit trees and veggie gardens to teach kids about looking after the planet.